Buying Investment Gold with Bitcoin

The Moro Company offers the possibility of buying investment gold- gold bars, specifically indicated with BITCOIN. To pay with Bitcoin, all that is required is a smart phone with a Bitcoin Wallet app or access to a Bitcoin Wallet using a computer.

How can I buy?

In accessing the Moro price list is published showing which products can be purchased for Bitcoin(s). The pricelist indicates gold investment bars from the Swiss Argor Heraeus mint and the Austrian Münze Österreich, purity 999,9 / 1000.

The prices of the bars are in Euro (€), indicating that upon purchase the client receives a statement in € authorized by the payment system generating a payment in Bitcoin(s).

How to go about your purchase:

  1.  After you have selected your chosen bar, click the icon that indicates “ADD TO CART.” The price is given in € and Bitcoin.
  2. Select “View Cart” or “Checkout”, insert the necessary details. When confirming your purchase and agreeing to the terms and conditions the price becomes fixed.
  3. You will be redirected to the webpage where QR content will ask you for: the recipients address, information regarding the payee and the amount in Bitcoin.
  4. Using your smart phone, scan the QR code you have received or click the link to redirect your information into your Bitcoin Wallet, continuing your purchase. The time period to complete payment from generating the QR code is 15 minutes. After the time period is exceeded, it will not be possible to make a payment without generating a new code.

The Moro company receives a notification of the transaction and after receiving payment on the TRR company Moro, it prepares the bars for collection.

In the case that the buyer opts for personal collection, the Moro company will notify the buyer of the fastest possible collection date at one of the chosen collection points: Zagreb (Ivana Lučića 2a, 10 000 Zagreb – Eurotower) or Ljubljana (Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana – WTC) .

The buyer has the option to store the purchased bars in the Moro company safe, for which it is necessary to create a copy of the online store statement where there is a clear indication of storage confirmation, including serial number(s) of the gold bars and storage conditions.

Storage conditions and the pricelist can be found on:

Collecting gold investment bars is in accordance to the genral terms of condition of the Moro company. Paying with Bitcoin is fast and secure, for which the use of cash is not required, nor are there any additional UPN costs.

You will be able to pay your order or for storage at the Moro company straight away after your transaction has successfully been processed.