How can I open a Bitstamp account?

To successfully open your Bitstamp account and start trading follow the steps on or click here.

When the Bitstamp home page opens:

Click OPEN ACCOUNT, and the following page will open:

After entering your details, you will receive the following message:

You will receive information for your first LOGIN on the email address you have provided for registration:

Insert the information you have been sent for login selecting the LOGIN icon:

After logging in, you are required to change the password you were provided with for a single-use login:

After changing your password, login again with the new password you have selected here:

After your second LOGIN, it will be necessary to verify your account.

After your bank account and mobile number have undergone verification, you will be ready to buy and sell in no time.

How to buy and sell effectively? This will follow in our next post. More about Bitcoin here and here.