Cookie Statement

Collection and protection of personal data

Moro&Kunst d.o.o. collects and protects the personal data and data on legal entities provided by users of the Website in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

We endeavour to maintain our Website so that it can be easily used and the desired information can be provided to our visitors. For this purpose, we use “cookies”, i.e. small text files that are downloaded onto the user’s computer when a user visits our Website. These cookies do not enable the sending or sharing of the visitor’s personal identification. Cookies help us improve the user’s experience and are not used for advertising purposes.

The following are the basic cookie types:

  1. Cookies required for the proper functioning of the Website (e.g. to save products you place into the shopping basket);

  2. Cookies ensuring the functionality of the Website (e.g. the Website remembers which language the user selected and provides the website in the language previously selected). Of course, these cookies only apply to our Web page and do not follow users to any other web page, where they would have to select the specific function again;

  3. Cookies intended for various statistical purposes, e.g. that provide us with information related to those features and contents on our Website that our users most often visit, what our visitors do not visit, etc. This helps us improve the content and operation of our Website; naturally, this data is anonymous and does not allow us to identify the user.

  4. Cookies for third-party advertisements. These cookies may report to their owners which websites users visit, which advertisements they watch, etc. Our Website does not use such cookies.

Our Website currently uses cookies from the first, second and third categories. In the event cookies from the fourth category are used, the user can disable them using the tools on the homepage of our Website (or by following the instructions from the links listed below), thus preventing the use of such cookies. In the user’s browser, there is the option to strictly forbid or fully allow the use of cookies from our Website (i.e. delete the existing cookies, but users must repeat the procedure when they update or change their browsers, in which case it is also possible that our Website will no longer function properly, or users will not have access to the Website’s full functionality). The following links offer instructions how perform these operations in the most popular browsers: