Legal notification

The website (hereinafter the “Website”) has been created to provide information on the general Terms and Conditions of the limited liability company Moro & Kunst d.o.o. related to trade in precious metals, information on market prices for the buying and selling of precious metals, and other information related to trade in precious metals and Moro & Kunst d.o.o. The Website also provides the opportunity to place a purchase order for precious metals from the webshop Moro & Kunst (hereinafter the “Webshop”). The Website is designed so as to enable users connected to the Internet via computer and similar devices to easily search for and access the contents offered therein. The Website includes several links to third-party websites. Neither Moro & Kunst d.o.o. nor exert any control over third-party websites nor do they assume responsibility for the veracity, accuracy or legality of third-party site content.

Use of the Website

The services of the Website may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise agreed within the framework of these terms of use or by explicit special agreement. The terms of use are published on the Website itself. Any unauthorized copying of the contents of the Website, in part or in whole, to another website is prohibited. Likewise prohibited is the use of automatic search engines or other forms (web bots, web spidering and similar) with the purpose of extracting data from the Website in a manner other than that defined herein, as well as any automatic interference or communicating with the Website
Any commercial use of the Website is subject to prior agreement with the authors of (Moro & Kunst d.o.o.; >All of the following actions are also prohibited, and users or visitors of are expressly obligated not to commit or attempt to commit them:

  • use of the services so as to publish or propagate any materials and/or activities contrary to the applicable legislation and/or public order and morale;
  • use of the services for commercial, illegal or any purposes other than those specified in these terms of use;
  • distribution of copyrighted materials or materials owned by other legal entities or by natural persons;
  • use of computer codes, damaging software or anything that could disrupt, incapacitate or damage these services, their provider or its software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or the electronic communications network;
  • any interference, even if only attempted, with the software and/or source code of the services for or resulting in a change of the operating conditions of the services, especially those enabling use of the services from another website or access to third-party data;
  • any attempt to obtain, collect, destroy, change and/or store the personal data of other users or the data entered by users for the sole purpose of using the services provided.

Intellectual property rights

All of the contents of the Website are subject to copyright and are protected as intellectual property or in the form of a database. Such protection includes but is not limited to, in particular, data, texts, multimedia contents, software and HTML tools, as well as Java, Flash and other plugins. The use of copyright protected content is only allowed for personal and non-commercial purposes, on condition that individual use is not prohibited by these terms of use nor by applicable legislation.

Limitation of liability

The content of the Website is of an informative character, and Moro & Kunst does not assume any responsibility neither for the accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness of the information provided nor for any damage incurred by the user in connection with the accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness of the information provided. All users who use any of the content provided do so on their own account and responsibility. Data related to the purchase and sales prices of precious metals is of purely informative character and therefore neither constitutes an offer nor an invitation to submit an offer under the conditions provided. The applicable data on the purchase and sales prices of precious metals is available at the registered office of Moro & Kunst d.o.o., where the pricelist is adjusted within five minutes of any price change on the stock exchange. Previous pricelists are stored and available, upon request, to investors.
We at commit to endeavour to keep the Website as a whole and its component contents high quality, engaging, accessible, lawful and up to date; and to avoid any illegal or morally questionable elements, viruses, trojan horses or similar malware that could damage the network infrastructure.
With regard to the operation and provision of services of the Website, the following limitations of liability shall apply, unless stipulated otherwise in these terms of use:

  • We do not assume responsibility for the content, accessibility, uninterrupted functioning and flawless operation of the Website; in particular, we decline any responsibility for the veracity, accuracy and legality of the content on linked websites.
  • We do not assume responsibility for any damage caused to any user due to the inability to use the Website, due to confidence in the content of the services of the Website, due to a loss of data or for other any other reasons related to the operation and accessibility of the Website
  • We do not assume responsibility for a loss of content or content motifs arising from improper use, technical shortcomings of computer equipment, and/or lack of knowledge or skills on the part of the user.
  • We cannot ensure the functioning of our service in the event of blackouts on the networks of our contract partners.

Moro & Kunst d.o.o. reserves the right to change, add or delete any of the materials of the Website, for any reason and any period of time, at any time and without warning, and to interrupt the provision of the services of the Website if it is so deemed necessary, and does not assume any responsibility for any related consequences of such changes. All information, texts and images on the Website are subject to copyright protection and other forms of protection of intellectual property rights. Any reproduction is forbidden except when intended exclusively for personal use and non-commercial purposes, and where all notes on copyright and other rights must be maintained and observed, and the data or content source is cited in a visible place as follows: “Source:”.

Registration and de-registration at our Webshop

To place a purchase order for precious metals users of the Moro & Kunst d.o.o. Website must register at When placing a purchase order for a product available in our Webshop, a new window with a “Log-in” and a “Registration” button will pop up. Users who have already registered can log in by entering their email and password, which they received upon registration, and then clicking on the “Registration” button. To register, use the “Registration” button, enter the information requested in the appropriate fields and tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions. Mandatory information that must be provided for registration is marked with an asterix. If the user does not provide a mandatory piece of information, registration cannot be completed. Once registered, you will not need to register again upon your next visit to our Webshop, but can simply log in and proceed.
Mandatory information for registration includes:

  • User name (email) (*) and password (*)
    • Individually chosen by each user. The user name must be a valid email address to which the user can be sent an email message so they can activate their user account. The minimum password length is 5 characters, and must be a combination of both numbers and letters; and the password must not be the same as the user name.
  • Verification of password (*)
  • Company (*)
    • information only required for the registration of legal entities
  • First name (*), surname (*), address (*);
  • Postcode (*) and place (*);
  • Mobile number (*), fixed-line phone (*);
  • Tax number (*)
    • only required for legal entities

The user may, at any time, request closure of their user account on the Website by sending an e-mail or a written request to the registered office of Moro&Kunst d.o.o. Closure of the user account has no impact on the validity of orders placed before the request for closure. After final confirmation of such de-registration, all personal data of the user (first name, surname, address, postcode, place, fixed-line and mobile phone numbers, email address, company name and tax or VAT number – where applicable) will be deleted. In accordance with Article 122 of the Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1), invoices issued on purchases made, together with related data, will be stored in paper form. De-registration from the Website Moro&Kunst d.o.o. does not mean that the user will no longer be able to place orders in the Webshop. The user will be able to place new orders in the Webshop after re-registration.

Purpose of collection, storage and use of personal data

The purpose of the collection, processing, storage and use of data on legal entities and personal data on natural persons is:

  • to facilitate the placing of orders, as customers need not enter the personal data required to place an order for each individual order;
  • to resolve any difficulty in connection with the order.

The data on legal entities and personal data on natural persons who have registered at the Webshop are stored in digital form. Such data is deleted either upon de-registration or after it is no longer needed. Data on individual purchases is automatically deleted from the information system of Moro&Kunst d.o.o. for online sales no later than 12 hours after issue of an invoice. The data is used by Moro&Kunst d.o.o. and the Website administrator (Webmaster).

Payment of the investment gold with cryptocurrency BITCOIN

Company Moro&Kunst d.o.o. (Moro) enables customers to purchase and pay highly and internationally liquid gold bars and coins of purity 999.9/1000 with cryptocurrency BITCOIN. The payment can be made via smartphones or computers to which the application Bitcoin Wallet has been previously downloaded.

Valid price list of Argor Heraeus gold bars and coins of purity 999.9/1000, which can be bought with cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is available on The price list is online connected with international stock market opened during trading hours. Prices are denominated in euros and are also calculated in Bitcoin currency. The latest hasn’t been officially recognized as a legal tender in EU yet. Therefore the customer receives an invoice denominated in euros. The amount on the invoice equals to the value in Bitcoin currency.

Payment with Bitcoins is made through module The amount received is then calculated in euros and transferred to the bank account of company Moro.

The Buying Process:

  • First you click the ‘‘BUY’‘ button which is located besides the gold bar or coin you want to purchase. The price seen is currently valid and is denominated in euros and Bitcoins.
  • In next step you enter the requested data in suitable fields and accept the ‘‘Terms and Conditions‘‘. At this point the final price of gold bar or coin is fixed.
  • Thirdly, the system redirects you to and QR code appears on your screen. The code contains the address of the payee, your personal data and total price in Bitcoins.
  • In fourth step you need to scan the code with your smartphone or click the link shown and you will be redirected to your BITCOIN Wallet. The purchase is completed by confirming the purchase in your BITCOIN Wallet. The timing for making the purchase is set to 15 minutes which means you must make the payment within a maximum of 15 minutes from generating the QR code. After 15 minutes the payment is no longer possible.
  • At the same time company Moro receives a notice on the transaction and the customer becomes official owner of gold bar(s) or coin(s). Within three (3) working days after the payment received, company Moro prepares the gold bar(s) or coin(s) for delivery:
  1. If you decide to pick up gold bar(s) or coin(s) personally, company Moro will send you a notice on the exact date of delivery;
  2. You can decide either for the storage of gold bar(s) or coin(s) in the company‘s depot (vaults) in Ljubljana, Slovenia or in depot (vaults) of the international company Loomis in Vienna, Austria. In any case you print the ‘‘Invoice‘‘ and the ‘‘Ownership Certificate‘‘ in your online account. The Ownership Certificate includes serial number of your gold bar(s) and Terms and Conditions of Storage;
  3. Terms and Conditions and the price of storage are available on;
  4. Personal delivery (pick up) is subject to other provisions in General Conditions.

Paying with cryptocurrency BITCOIN is a much faster way of paying, you also avoid cash payments and commissions for direct bank transfers. After the transaction is successfully completed, you can pick up gold bar(s) or coin(s) immediately or within three (3) working days. Company Moro also provides storage of gold bar(s) or coin(s) in company’s depot in Ljubljana, Slovenia or in depot of internationally recognized company Loomis in Vienna, Austria.

Placing an order in the Webshop

After successful registration or log-in, the user can place an order to buy precious metals (or to complete a purchase). After the order has been placed, the registered user is informed by Moro&Kunst d.o.o. on the status of their order via email. To prevent any data abuse by third parties, Moro&Kunst d.o.o. will always contact the user or customer via e-mail before accepting any order received by the customer (via the valid email account provided upon registration or log-in); or, if necessary, via phone so the purchase can be confirmed or dismissed. Mutual obligations relating to the said purchase do not arise until Moro&Konst d.o.o. has confirmed the purchase (i.e. accepted the order).

You agree that You will not use MORO to perform money laundering and terrorist financing.

Change of terms of use
As service provider, we reserve the right to alter the terms of use if we so deem necessary. The altered terms of use shall come into effect as of the day of publication on the Website