Selling your Investment Gold for Bitcoin

Are you interested in selling your investment gold? Not keen on receiving kuna or other currency payout?

The Moro company offers the option of buying back your previously purchased investment gold bars from the Argor Heraeus- Switzerland mint and the Austrian Müenze Österreich mint, containing 999,9 / 1000 purity and given it has previously been purchased from the Moro company. Payment is offered in Euro, Kuna and Bitcoin.

You are welcome to either personally deliver your gold bar(s) to one of our offices: Zagreb (Ivana Lučića 2a, 10 000 Zagreb – Eurotower) or Ljubljana (Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana – WTC) or;

You may also choose to send your gold by post- using the fully insured option offered by FedEx, to one of the addresses stated above and making sure that you have specified the content of your shipment.

In case you choose to opt for shipping, we require an image and Identification Document (ID or passport) where the shipper is clearly identifiable. This is required in accordance to the law in preventing money laundering and financing terrorism. Upon reception of your shipment, the Moro company inspects the package in presence of the commission in effort to determine the purity, quality and quantity of the shipment, assessed according to given specification criteria.

Given that these conditions are met and that there is full compliance with the General Terms of Business, the Moro company proceeds to fix the selling price, following payment completed in Bitcoin on the Wallet provided.

In the event that there is a failure to meet these conditions with the gold bars or the shipment itself, the Moro company will return the shipment to the sender in its entirety.

Everything that you require for receiving the payment of your sold gold bar(s) is the Wallet you provide with which you will receive your payment.