Selling your Investment Gold for Bitcoin

Are you interested in selling your investment gold? Not keen on receiving kuna or other currency payout? The Moro company offers the option of buying back your previously purchased investment gold bars from the Argor Heraeus- Switzerland mint and the Austrian Müenze Österreich mint, containing 999,9 / 1000 purity and given it has previously been … Read more

How can I open a Bitstamp account?

To successfully open your Bitstamp account and start trading follow the steps on or click here. When the Bitstamp home page opens: Click OPEN ACCOUNT, and the following page will open: After entering your details, you will receive the following message: You will receive information for your first LOGIN on the email address you … Read more

Buying Investment Gold with Bitcoin

The Moro Company offers the possibility of buying investment gold- gold bars, specifically indicated with BITCOIN. To pay with Bitcoin, all that is required is a smart phone with a Bitcoin Wallet app or access to a Bitcoin Wallet using a computer. How can I buy? In accessing the Moro price list is published … Read more

Gold storage fee, June 1st 2017

From June 1st 2017 all customers will be charged for storage of bullion gold in secured vaults of company Moro. Storage fee, which is 0,5 % of value stored per year, will be charged at time of placing the order. Storage fee won’t be charged if collection of bullion gold is made within 20 bussines … Read more

Bitcoin wallet news

Bitcoin wallet news – Bitcoin wallets provide a vital function – they allow you to transact and give ownership of addresses to receive your bitcoins. Wallets come in many different forms and configurations, including mobile, desktop, hardware, paper and even ‘brain’ wallets. Read our guide on how to store your bitcoins. BitStamp CoinRepublic RunToGold GoCoin

Bitcoin exchange news

Bitcoin exchange news – Bitcoin exchanges allow you to transfer traditional fiat currency to and from bitcoin. Some also allow for bitcoin to be exchanged with other digital currencies. Release for BTC users Bitstamp Wins Best virtual Currency Chinese payments Association How Bitcoin empowers global Robocoin arrives